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Fostering Psychological Safety

A Psychological Safety programme that supports respectful, inclusive, and productive conversations within organisations. Foster high-performing teams and translate great ideas into action, without delay.

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The Benefits of Fostering Psychological Safety

Organisational hygiene is fundamental to growing effective teams. Open and inclusive environments don't just happen by accident; when prioritised they boost employee health, innovation, and the bottom line.

An effective team values psychological safety as much as physical safety and performance standards.

Enhance Employee Engagement

When team members feel safe at work, it’s easier for them to engage in team meetings, solve problems, collaborate across projects and engage with their customers and peers.

Highly engaged and motivated employees outperform those that aren't.

Retain Talent

Team members who feel psychologically safe at work are less likely to leave, bringing stability to your workplace and lowering the costs incurred by sourcing replacement employees.

Foster an Inclusive Culture

If physical safety is non-negotiable, why not put psychological safety? Safe, open and courageous work practices help team members feel included. The result is a community experience focused on mutual understanding, co-creating goals, and navigating disagreements constructively.

Build Trust with Leadership

Take the oxygen out of office politics. When teams and leaders trust each other, decision-making takes less time and energy.

Inspire Creativity

Creativity and ideas flow organically when team members feel safe enough to express themselves in the workplace. 

This feeds innovation.

Creates Brand Ambassadors

Creating a psychologically safe workplace can inspire team members to share the benefits of your organisation out loud, both inside and outside of the workplace.

What is Involved?

Psychological Safety is growing as a practice and sits within cultural transformation programmes.

It can be daunting to consider these conversations, but the outcomes are tangible and considerable.


Through this bespoke programme, we work with organisations like yours to help map how team members perceive current levels of psychological safety in their immediate team. Understanding this metric and how it can be impacted by the demands of daily working life can have a huge impact on organisations and employees.

Feeling psychologically safe at work helps you to have tough conversations and embrace a learning mindset that leads to better performance at work.

It is fundamental to good organisational hygiene.

When you have an inclusive workplace culture, you grow brand ambassadors, are able to execute on inspired ideas and build performing teams.


The ability to convert ideas into action speaks volumes of your organisation.



Working with the Team Leader to agree the programme of work, set the context, purpose, and high level goals of the team, and understand how Psychological Safety can support these aims.



This digital tool will be sent out in advance of the Team Debrief. The Scan is an effective tool which puts a number on the current temperature of the team and sets the scene for a constructive and transformational Debrief.



A facilitated session to set the stage, position the core concepts and research, build trust through personal contracting and co-creating shared goals, while clarifying the process and rules of engagement.



A facilitated workshop to explore the current levels of psychological safety in the team. The approach is blame free and creates a safe space for productive dialogue where everyone can freely and securely arrive at concrete measurable actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This programme can have a positive impact in every workplace, on every team.

It is in the conversations we are not taught to have, that we can bring the most fundamental insights to a workplace.

It is through those insights that we can bring more depth to our conversations within our teams, and more innovation, creativity, and progression to our organisations.


Here are some common questions about the programme…

How does the programme work?

This work has to be done live in person or via Zoom, it's experiential. The cornerstone of this process is my experience and training, so I will be with you throughout. 

What is the investment?

This will vary depending on the number of people in the team, the type of business, if this will be live in-person or done remotely, and the location. Please contact me for a quote.

How much of my time will I need to invest?

Again this will depend on the size of your team, but on average each of the leader sessions will be approximately 1hr, and the questions for your team will take less than 5 minutes. The main Debrief is a transforational intervention, lasting half a day.

Did you have any further questions about the programme?


Or maybe some concerns around where to start in your business, timeframes, or the potential for opening up difficult conversations?


These are common concerns for uncharted territory, and I would love to cover them and more on a call.

In one single word...WOW!

It was one of the most (and probably the most) self-reflective meeting I've ever had in my life. It is not just about someone showing yourself through a is about someone opening up your mind while together you are looking at that image. And the way the Workculturati team does that is absolutely outstanding!



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