Christina Clark

Founder & CEO

Christina is a cross-cultural workplace consultant, psychosynthesis leadership coach & mediator.

Over the past 14 years she has worked across branding, advertising, media planning and buying, start-ups, in-house and across financial and corporate communications firms, leading teams and privileged to deliver transformational cross-border projects and transactions, on behalf of FTSE 100s, IBEX 35s, governments and agencies.


Yet, while her focus was on the external facing audience aspects of reputation management, she often found that internal communications and employee concerns were often poorly understood by decision-makers, at great cost.

She founded Workculturati during the pandemic as a place to have enlightened discussions about work culture and human leadership. Her mission is to bridge the communications gap between the C-Suite, HRs and employees through leadership coaching, internal engagement and mediation techniques. Christina is passionate about championing people who don’t fully see their own potential and empowering companies to foster an authentic and thriving corporate culture from the inside out. A happy employee is the best ambassador for any organisation, from C-Suite to intern. 

Christina is a certified civil, commercial and workplace mediator from the London School of Mediation and brings an international perspective to her work, having worked extensively in the UK, Spain, Colombia, Australia and most recently, Luxembourg.

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Gillian Higgins


Gillian Higgins is an international criminal barrister and mindfulness meditation teacher. In her work as a barrister, over the past 22 years, she has represented leading political figures before the International Criminal Court and the UN international tribunals. She has been involved in some of the leading cases in international criminal law. 

As a mindfulness teacher, Gillian is passionate about sharing the benefits of the practice in the workplace. Over the years, she has taught mindfulness to thousands of professionals from different backgrounds including the legal, banking and financial sectors. Her ‘no-nonsense’, practical approach teaches how cultivating mindfulness in the workplace can improve your focus, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and increase your reliance and ability to pay attention. Gillian is the author of “Mindfulness at Work and Home” in which she shares the simplicity of mindfulness and her own insights and advice taken from her own practice. 


Gillian is also an accredited civil and commercial mediator. 

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Josie Cox


Josie is a journalist and commentator with a particular interest in business, economics, behavioural science and workplace culture. She started her career at Reuters in Germany and Switzerland before working as a financial markets correspondent for The Wall Street Journal in London. 


She served as business editor of The Independent between 2017 and 2019. More recently her work has appeared in a host of publications including the Guardian, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Quartz, Fortune and New Statesman.


She's a regular guest on the BBC, ITV and Al Jazeera and has also appeared on CNN and Fox News. She is also a regular contributor to Forbes, with a particular interest in business, economics and the future of work. She grew up in Switzerland and lives in New York with her husband and daughter. 


She’s a Knight Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University’s Journalism School and Business School.

Lily Lapenna MBE


Lily Lapenna MBE is the founder & Chair of MyBnk. From 2007 to 2016, whilst CEO, MyBnk became the leading financial education provider in the UK. Lily and the MyBnk team created high impact financial education programs that reached over 200,000 young people in schools, prisons, youth groups, homeless communities and supported housing environments. They successfully lobbied government to bring financial education into the school curriculum which now allows 6 million young people to learn about money every year. Lily then advised the UK government on a ten-year financial inclusion strategy for the nation covering all age groups.


The MyBnk program has been replicated in countries across the world from Italy to Turkey and Lily is now working to bring this work to the USA. In 2017, Queen Elizabeth II honoured Lily with an MBE in recognition of her work in financial services and entrepreneurship.


The World Economic Forum appointed her as a Young Global Leader recognising her system change leader ship skills. Ashoka and Aspen made her a fellow in acknowledgment of her global social impact. Lily works as an adviser and coach for government, multinationals, and start-ups. She teaches Business and Social Impact at Occidental University in Los Angeles, USA and is an Industry Adviser at SAID Business School, University of Oxford, UK.