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Christina Clark

Founder & CEO

Christina is on a mission to empower you to foster an authentic and thriving corporate culture from the inside out. A happy employee is the best ambassador for any organisation, from C-Suite to intern.


With over a decade of experience of working for international communications’ agencies and on behalf of multi-sector clients, Christina has been privileged to engage in transformational cross-border projects, deals, events and crises. Yet, while her focus was on the external facing audience aspects of reputation management, she often found that internal communications and employee concerns were often ignored or poorly understood by decision-makers, at great cost.


Christina is passionate about championing people who don’t fully see their own potential and providing them with the right tools to help them flourish. In September 2017, she Co-Founded the Insight Collective as a form of social think tank and conversational platform to discuss finding purpose and balance in the workplace, beyond limited corporate initiatives. 


She is a qualified civil, commercial and workplace mediator, with certification from the London School of Mediation.

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