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A Landmark Guide: Professionalising and Empowering the Coaching Industry

EMCC Luxembourg published its Guidelines for Selecting and Purchasing Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Services, after nearly 18 months of work and commitment by volunteers and fellow collaborators Mary Devine, Jannie Stricker, Virginie Laye, Dana Moldoveanu Brandes, Anne Prévost and Sonata Kucin-Louvigny.

As the coaching industry is extensive, fast growing and unregulated, this is a landmark guide to educate and empower the buyers of these services. We also encourage sellers to join our movement to professionalise, and uphold the highest industry standards of coaching, mentoring and supervision.

A big thank you to Mary Devine, President of EMCC Luxembourg, for inviting me to be a part of this important journey.

To read the interactive Guidelines in full please click here,

Christina Clark Founder & CEO of Workculturati

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