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Diaries of a Working Life: Nicole Wiesner

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

As we start the New Year working from home yet again (!) we probably feel like making some changes. Let’s face it, working from home gets messy and frankly we need all the confidence and peace of mind we can get right now. So, it’s time to literally let stuff go; a good and thorough declutter of desk tops, kitchen tables, drawers and the way we live our lives. Decluttering guru, Nicole Wiesner, offers no-nonsense guidance on getting all your stuff back under control. Especially if you’ve spent the last few lockdowns avoiding doing this, then this one's for you!

Imagine not wasting time tracking down documents, digital or physical. Imagine not worrying about whether you’ve left sensitive information out for the kids to see. Imagine feeling that bit more professional when you sit through your next Zoom call and everything out of camera sight is actually clear… Clear surfaces are easier to clean, saving you even more time. Zen-looking outsides to match your longed for Zen feeling insides.

Reduce your stress levels and try at least one of these steps NOW:

  • Put away all those unnecessary pens - you only need one (if any, frankly.)

  • Do you really need a stapler, a hole-punch, scissors, and a ruler? Do you really? Really??? Okay, if you can’t bear to part with them, then at least put them in a drawer, out of sight. And, post Covid-era of course, you only need a functioning one in the office that you can share with your colleagues (unless you work in an open-plan behemoth!) I would hazard a guess that you don’t all need to use a ruler at the same time...

  • Toss the unnecessary paper on your desk: unfinished projects (do finish them or toss them...), take-away-leaflets (who needs them anyway?), all the files you have because you think you might need to refer to them one day…

  • Rip off those sticky notes you can’t even see anymore because they have become a part of your notebook or computer screen. Either complete the task or record the note somewhere more permanent, or don’t. Or, write yourself a digital note!

  • Why do you have seven trays on your desk? Or seven piles on your kitchen table? Do you even remember what each one was initially meant for? Two, if any, will do just fine. I promise. I have none.

  • Keep one notepad. Throw away all those unnecessary old pads, old correspondence and scraps of paper.

  • Clean your screen, keypad, mobile phone and work surface desk. Have a glass of water. Or even better: get yourself some bubbly to celebrate letting go. 🥂

Not sure where to begin? Get in touch. I'll be here.

Nicole Wiesner

For Workculturati

Nicole, founder of, is an expert in the art of organising, decluttering and minimalism. She lives with her Icelandic partner, their two young sons and two cats in central Luxembourg.

Image credit @amandaclarke_illustration

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